New Nintendo Wii in 2010 not sure if i like this brain connection thing, people are getting a bit to lazy




4 Responses to “New Nintendo Wii in 2010”

  1. rmv7213 Says:

    That’s either brilliant or diabolical in concept. And I think it’s just that: concept. I can’t see it coming out like that. Too many varaibles would need to be met with some neuro-device. But, I do like that design of the controlers for some reason.

    Where’s you get those pics? I think if they’re gonna come out with an upgrade, it’ll just be one that can play DVD, HD-DVD, or maybe.. maybe bluray but I really don’t see that coming.


  2. kjmusiconline Says:

    heres the site where i get my tech stuff from:

    its really good, to add though i think its diabolical. I hope they dont come out with this. I think i would rather a blu-ray compatible one

    ….thanks for checking the blog though

  3. rmv7213 Says:

    thx for the link

    ya a blu-ray would be nice. But i dont think they’d get enough to sell…. but if they try I hope im wrong.


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