My Quest

…I dont usually do a lot of writing on the blog, but here goes. Im still going to keep it short, i mean if you want to hear me on the more vocal side go to The blog is my visual side, but back to what i was originally going to say.

A couple weeks ago i rememberd a couple scenes from “Next Friday” when i was at home, and probably laughed for the next hour or so. The scenes being when dede is talking about his ex girls cousin who knows about all the new candy LMAO LMAO annnnnd when Pink comes into the record shop and hes like “SAY IT AGAIN!!” LMAO LMAO.

Long story short, i cant find this movie anywhere, i ordered it at starstuck and im currently waiting. If anyone see this ANYWHERE, in the GTA.


..OTHER THAN THAT, im cool, you know, just music and sh*t.

In the studio with Blake Carrington and Ron.D right now, listenining to some new Blake music, its pretty banannas (if thats how you spell it), check his myspace

Peace World!!!!


P.S. if anything is spelt wrong, please forgive me


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