What We Need:Thank You:The Tribute

….In Canada theres a lot of rappers, i dont necessarily feel that thats a bad thing, we just dont have enough managers. When i say managers i mean good managers, not the people who are doing a million and one things and there artist comes in last place. Mangers deserve every cut they get, those guys work super hard, and in the beginning of most artists careers they get no pay, decent pay that is, but they stick around. These three guys im about the post pictures of are great managers. Heres the crazy part, if you were to speak to them they would probably put you on to there artist, not because thats there job, but because they believe in the artist as much (sometimes more) than the artist does, soooooo important.


….manager of Shad K , great artist with a great manager = unstoppable team.



…….of Ignite Entertainment, manager of Jaydahmann and D’Brown. Also goes hard, Jaydahmann has been nominated for WBLK’s Usigned Hype Awards.


“Andrew James”

….Manager and CEO of S4 Entertainment, I call him Mr. CEO. To name some, currently managing Promise, Roshana and Sincere


…..this was in no particular order. When Canada becomes a major force in the music industry, remember these guys. These guys are just a few, there are other great managers out there i just dont know them lol.


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