I have a new blog!!!

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My Album…KJ – The Headphone

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whats up, heres a free copy of my album for those who still check my blog,

Thank you all…

If you like it, you can purchase on itunes or bandcamp. Links at the bottom




The Video also if you havent seen it…

Alternate link for “A Breath of Fresh Heir Mixtape”

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Alternate Link: KJ – Airkj.com Presents A Breath of Fresh Heir The Mixtape

Front Cover


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Sorry eeeerbody, im in the midle of revamping the blog somewhere else, the name will be the same. This blog right now has some limitations that bother me, such as only being able to post youtube videos (vimeo is the shit), so yeaaaaaa. I’ll be back soooooon times nooon times

KP & Envyi – Shorty Swing My Way

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They have this at Target?

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staking bookcase

New Sa Ra – Bitch Baby

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